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Email our academic advisor, Julian Falgout, directly at  for any undergraduate adivsing questions.

If you are a current AADS student, you can book a 15 minute schedule check here. We will only be discussing scheduling and registration issues for the fall 2022 semester at this time. If you have a question unrelated to the fall semester, I will be opening up normal advising appointments again after the 12th class day.

Our department will late add students through the 12th class day. We require professor approval, which can be an email confirmation of the late add. To request to late add a course, please email the professor offering the course for permission to add, and then email the professor’s confirmation and the course and unique numbers to Julian Falgout at I will not late add students to closed courses.

Degree requirements are dependent on the catalog in effect in the first semester you matriculated to UT-Austin. If you have questions about which catalog is applicable to you, email Julian Falgout for assistance. If you are interested in adding on AFR as a major, we suggest that you first take AFR 303: Intro to Black Studies so that you can become familiar with the department.

Upper and Lower-Division Courses

36 hours of upper-division coursework are required to graduate. To enroll in upper-division courses you must have completed at least 60 total hours (includes transfer courses).

  • The first digit of a course number indicates the credit value of the course in semester hours. Courses numbered 201 through 299 have a value of two semester hours; 301 through 399, a value of three semester hours; and so on.
  • The last two digits indicate the rank of the course: if 01 through 19, the course is a lower-division course; if 20 through 79, an upper-division course; if 80 through 99, a graduate course.

For example, AFR 317D is a 3-credit, lower division course; and AFR 374D is a 3-credit, upper division course.

GPA Requirement

Undergraduate students must maintain at least 2.0 GPA to remain in good academic standing and to graduate. You can use the GPA Calculator to calculate your GPA.

Interactive Degree Audit

Degree audits can be run for any undergraduate degree plan and are a great way for students to track their degree requirements and progress. For more information or questions, email Othell Ballage, Academic Advising Coordinator,

University/College Requirements

Signature Courses
UGS Signature Courses (UGS 302 and UGS 303) are maintained by the School of Undergraduate Studies. These courses are restricted to first-year students. If you need to satisfy this requirement beyond your first year, you will need to contact their office for assistance with registration.

University Core and Liberal Arts Core Course List.
Lists courses that satisfy the Natural Science, Cultural Expression, Human Experience, & Thought, and Social Science requirements for the B.A., Plan I degree.

Foreign Language.
As a College of Liberal Arts student, you need intermediate level proficiency in a foreign language. Many AADS students choose to satisfy their foreign language requirement by completing YOR 601C: Introduction to Yoruba and YOR 611C: Intermediate Yoruba.  

Helpful Links for Choosing Courses