Department of English

Norman Farmer

Professor EmeritusPh.D., 1966, University of Pennsylvania


Norman Farmer is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of English and received his Ph.D., from the University of Pennsylvania in 1966.  He served as the director of the Humanities Program in the College of Liberal Arts for over a decade, and received many awards over the years, including the UTmost "Best Professor" Teaching Award, the Thomas Cranfill Teaching Fellowship, The Jean Holloway Award for Teaching Excellence, and the Graduate School Award for Teaching Excellence. He was also a director and teacher for The University of Texas Study in Italy Program at Castiglione Fiorentino, Italy. Through the Center for International Leadership in Washington  D.C. he led seminars for executives of American and multinational corporations examining corporate culture, leadership development and corporate as well as individual ethical values.


HMN 125K • Arts, Sciences, And Social Sci

35665 • Spring 2000
Meets MW 4:00PM-5:00PM UTC 4.102

Analysis of topics in the arts, sciences, and social sciences through reading, discussion, and lectures. One lecture hour a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Consent of the humanities adviser.

HMN 370 • Senior Tutorial Course-W

35690 • Spring 2000

A tutorial program of supervised reading and writing, including an individual paper or papers in which the student draws together the central directions and discoveries of his or her studies in the humanities. Humanities 370 and 679HB may not both be counted.

Prerequisite: Consent of the humanities adviser.

HMN 379 • Conference Course

35695 • Spring 2000

Individual instruction in a topic approved by the instructor and the humanities adviser.

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing and consent of the humanities adviser.

Hour(s) to be arranged. May be repeated for credit.

HMN 679HB • Honors Tutorial Course-W

35700 • Spring 2000

Directed reading and research, followed by the writing of a report or the creation of a project. Humanities 370 and 679HB may not both be counted.

Prerequisite: For 679HA, admission to the Humanities Honors Program and consent of the humanities adviser; for 679HB, Humanities 679HA.

Class meets Thursdays 3-4p in PAR 214.

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