Department of English

C Samuel Rees

Graduate Student with the New Writers Project



Eco-poetry, ecology, horror films, hauntology, trauma studies, the Anthropocene, queer theory, fairy tales, fabulism & speculative fiction.


C. Samuel Rees is a Pennsylvania-born, Austin-based teacher, poet, & MFA candidate with the New Writers Project. He subsists on a steady diet of ecological texts, fabulism, contemporary poetry, and horror movies. His work has appeared in Sonora Review, Frontier Poetry, Bat City ReviewMoth + Rust, The Fairy Tale Review, Grimoire Magazine, The Account, The Matador Review, Phantom Drift, and elsewhere.

His work draws off of a mid-apocalypse mélange of field guides, eco-texts, modern short stories, horror movies, genre fiction, pop-culture, and contemporary poetics. Trauma, queer identity, & formal precision coalesce into ghost stories and weird fables ripe with environmental motifs, sci-fi specificity, and surreal imagery. His poetry seeks to excavate personal trauma and the trauma in the world around us, placing them both in the same plane of predation/predator/prey. Organisms and language break down and reconfigure, as themes of abuse, oppression, adaptation, toxic masculinity, and ecological devastation break down and reconfigure.

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