Department of English

Fernando Villagomez


CRW 315F • Intro To Writing Fiction

35630 • Fall 2021
Meets MW 11:30AM-1:00PM PAR 310

CRW 315F  l  Introduction to Writing Fiction

Instructor:  Villagomez, F

Unique #:  35630

Semester:  Fall 2021

Cross-lists:  n/a


Prerequisites:  E 303C (or 603A), RHE 306, 306Q, or T C 303C (or 603A).

Description:  This introductory fiction workshop will focus on the mechanics (structure, narrative voice, dialogue, character development, etc.) within selected works.  Together, we will read and discuss fiction to improve our understanding of how it is created.  The community we build in workshop will help us improve our stories and help us grow as writers, colleagues, and literary citizens.

Requirements & Grading:  Short story 1: 30%; Short story 2: 30%; Exercises: 10%; Attendance and participation (includes responses to student work): 30%.

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