Department of English

Rob Colgate



CRW 325P • Poetry Writing

35659 • Fall 2021
Meets TTH 3:30PM-5:00PM MEZ 1.206

CRW 325P  l  Poetry Writing

Instructor:  Colgate, R

Unique #: 35659

Semester:  Fall 2021

Cross-lists:  n/a


Prerequisites:  One of the following: C L 315, E 303D (or 603B), (316K,) 316L, 316M, 316N, 316P, or T C 303D (or 603B).

Description:  This is a class about writing poetry.  In order to figure out exactly what "writing poetry" looks like, we will be reading poetry and related craft essays, completing short exercises and responses, and discussing each other's work in a formal workshop setting.  Readings will draw from both historical and contemporary poetry; exercises will provide low-stakes opportunities to explore poetic techniques.  By the end of the semester, our notions of what poetry can be will have been both expanded and clarified, blown open and made more precise.  Each student will come out of the class with a final portfolio of 7-10 well-revised poems.

Texts:  Reading packet.

Requirements & Grading:  Poem Drafts: 20%; Poem Revisions: 20%; Final Portfolio: 20%; Attendance: 10%; Participation, Engagement, and Responses: 30%.

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