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Undergraduate Program

Philosophy Undergraduate Advising is:

  • the place to go to explore Philosophy as a new major or minor
  • for degree-planning for existing majors
  • to discuss post-graduation plans
  • as well as to find out about Philosophy courses and faculty.

Academic advising can also address more specific questions, such as selecting courses, problems with a class or professor, and referral to other UT services and resources. 

Academic Advisor

Schedule a meeting with an academic advisor here.

Declaring the Major

Philosophy is an open major. Students simply need to schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisor to declare. During peak times, such as registration and the first twelve class days, the Advisor may not be able to see students for new major declarations. 

The Bouwsma Undergraduate Advising Center

The Bouwsma Advising Center is in WAG 313. Students can go there for advising, to meet and study with friends, and/or find information about UT resources.

Late Add policy

Students can add/drop PHL courses on their own through the registration system until the 4th class day. The Philosophy department will add students to PHL courses from the 5th - 8th class day with professor approval. Please foward professor approval along with your EID and the unique number of the course to the Academic Advisor Michelle D. Escalante
Requests made after the 8th class day will be denied, as per department policy.

Career Resources