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Advising Information

Virtual Front Desk:
Front Desk Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:30-noon and 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Virtual Front Desk
College of Liberal Arts

Am I In The Right Place?

If you are a current UT Rhetoric & Writing major, probably so! Though we may refer you to another campus resource for more detailed assistance, we're always eager to assist you as you navigate the university. That said, a few common concerns are handled primarily by other offices:

To talk through your Q-drop, Withdrawal, and Pass/Fail options before visiting the Student Division, please make an appointment with us through the links in the next section.  

Current Rhetoric & Writing Majors

Please feel free to visit our virtual front desk (details at top of page) or contact us at for general inquiries. A good rule of thumb is to utilize the front desk or gulliver e-mail for questions that would not involve looking up your academic record. For anything else, let's have a conversation!

Internal Transfer Students

Rhetoric & Writing is an "open" major, meaning that we welcome all current UT students to pursue it. The process for declaring the Rhetoric & Writing major will vary according to your current UT Austin College/School:

Current Liberal Arts students may change to (or add) a Rhetoric & Writing major after meeting with our academic advisor, Rebecca Marcus. At this meeting, we’ll address your questions, review Rhetoric & Writing requirements and opportunities, and update your academic record. If you aren’t yet prepared to “declare” Rhetoric but would like to discuss the major with an advisor, please also feel free to reach out. In either case, please use the button below to set an appointment.

Current UT students from other colleges (e.g., Natural Sciences, Education, etc.) must first apply for internal transfer to Rhetoric & Writing through the Office of Admissions. For information on that process and a link to the application portal, please visit the Internal Transfer for Current Students website. Application deadlines are May 1 (to join the major the following fall) and December 1 (for spring admission). Once you have submitted your application, please feel free to make an appointment with an advisor using the Calendly link above.

We meet with current UT students who are interested in the Rhetoric & Writing major throughout the year, excepting the first five class days of each semester, the registration advising period (release of the Course Schedule through the end of registration), and New Student Orientation days.

Current UT Students

Other inquiries from current or former UT students may also be directed to our virtual front desk or e-mail listed at the top of this page. Our availability may be limited during high-traffic periods. If your inquiry involves Rhetoric & Writing course enrollment, please contact end of registration), and New Student Orientation days.

Admitted Rhetoric & Writing Majors

Welcome to the University! We look forward to working with you. Your first advising step is to sign up for orientation through New Student Services.  As part of your orientation, you’ll meet one-on-one with an academic advisor. Because your registration time is tied to your orientation session, there is no registration advantage to meeting with an advisor prior to orientation. If you have a pressing question, though, please feel free to send it to

Prospective UT Students

Thank you for your interest in studying Rhetoric & Writing at The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to your admission, our Office of Admissions will be your primary contact. In addition to the Rhetoric & Writing website, some of the links below may be particularly helpful to our future Longhorns. Good luck, and hook ‘em!