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College of Liberal Arts

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Prospective students can register for Liberal Arts information sessions and special events through the Be a Longhorn website.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts learn to think critically, communicate effectively and lead. Our curriculum emphasizes ethics, integrity, citizenship and awareness of global issues. 

Liberal Arts majors:

  • Are some of the most creative problem solvers because they are introduced to a wide variety of subjects from multiple points of view-oftentimes drawing upon centuries of perspective.
  • Hone and refine their communication skills through rigorous language and writing requirements, as well as a wide variety of course papers and projects.
  • Gain critical thinking and analysis skills by selecting interdisciplinary coursework, research and experiential opportunities that meet their academic and personal interests.
  • Benefit from being part of a large and diverse student body in an environment that supports students as individuals with unique needs, goals and challenges.
  • Appreciate literature, art and the pursuit of knowledge, thus beginning their journey as lifetime learners.

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College of Liberal Arts

Majors and Degrees

The College of Liberal Arts offers students the largest number of majors of any college at UT Austin. Students may choose majors in the humanities, social sciences, foreign languages and interdisciplinary fields.

Liberal Arts majors craft their educational experiences to make them truly their own. In addition to the core curriculum and major requirements, Liberal Arts students complete additional requirements, including a foreign language, and the majority of students are required to select a minor, which may be completed inside or outside the College of Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts fosters intellectual independence by offering students many ways to fulfill their degree requirements. 


Beyond the basic core curriculum and Liberal Arts requirements, Liberal Arts majors have ample opportunity to enrich their educational experiences. Thanks to Liberal Arts' flexible degrees, students who are interested in  study abroad  can find a program to complement their degree requirements. In addition, Liberal Arts majors have opportunities to engage in undergraduate research  and earn  internship credit.  The College allows students to pursue double majors within the College or dual degrees with other colleges at the University and still complete their degree(s) in four years.


The College of Liberal Arts offers multiple honors programs  for students. Prospective first-year students are eligible to apply to Plan II and Liberal Arts Honors.


Liberal Arts graduates work in a wide variety of fields in local, national and international settings. Liberal Arts Career Services provides a full range of career coaching, recruiting and career education services to help students prepare for their future. LACS also connects students to internships and employers, further developing and enhancing their education at UT Austin and what comes after they receive their degree.

UTeach Liberal Arts provides a path to teacher certification for students interested in teaching middle and high school. Furthermore, students who major in languages other than English may earn early childhood through high school (EC-12) teacher certification.

To continue their education, many Liberal Arts graduates choose to go on to graduate, law or medical school.