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Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese), with more than 437 million speakers.

Portuguese is the third most-spoken language in the Western Hemisphere, and the most widely spoken language in South America, with 200 million speakers.

Note that the Spanish and Portuguese major isn't just for activities abroad. The Spanish-speaking population in Texas is growing every day, with an estimated 7 million people who speak Spanish in the home (approximately 29% of the state's population). 

Employers seek creative cross-culturally competent problem solvers who can communicate with multiple audiences through a variety of media. In our courses students learn and practice. Critical Thinking; Emotional Intelligence; Learnability; Understanding People; Innovation; Communication; Data Management and Analysis; Cross-Cultural Competence; Ethics; and Technology. 

The most common first employment paths with the major are in Education and Translation and Interpretation. 

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