Degree Plans

College of Liberal Arts

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A degree plan, or advising aid, is an outline of degree requirements for a specific major. For an individualized snapshot of your progress toward a specific major, view an interactive degree audit to see how completed and current courses apply toward degree requirements.

Regular consultation with an academic advisor is critical to understanding degree requirements and timely graduation. The College provides degree plans for planning purposes only; they should not be your sole source for course planning.  

Undergraduate Catalogs determine degree requirements and policies and procedures that govern your graduation. In general, catalog eligibility is based on your first semester enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin or at another Texas public college or university after graduating high school. You may be eligible for a different catalog. It is imperative that you speak with your academic advisor to determine which catalog applies to you, since the requirements and lists vary by catalog. Failure to comply with the rules of your catalog can result in taking classes that will not count toward your degree.

Undergraduate Catalogs

Catalog degree plans and blank four-year plans are provided in PDF format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader program in order to view. Most computers and/or browsers are configured to read PDF files, but if yours is not, you may download the free reader from Adobe.