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One-Time Exception Deadline

The University allows undergraduate students to q-drop a single course or withdraw one time after the official mid-semester deadline via the one-time exception (OTE). 

If you would like to use your OTE this semester, you must visit GEB 2.200 or log into our our chat platform to request a Zoom drop-in advising session with a Dean’s Office advisor before 5 p.m. (CST) Monday, December 5.

Chat With a Dean's Office Advisor
College of Liberal Arts


College of Liberal Arts

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Peer Advisors in the Dean's Office

Peer advisors are available via chat to answer quick questions, make referrals, raise maximum hours, and connect students to Dean’s Office advisors to discuss withdrawing, q-dropping courses, pass/fail changes, graduation, VA certification, and other issues during drop-in advising hours Monday through Friday. Daily hours of availability are posted within the chat link.


Student Division Advisors in the Dean's Office

Advisors in the Student Division of the Dean’s Office work with Liberal Arts students who are undeclared (have not yet chosen a major), on scholastic probation or dismissal, applying to graduate, making a registration change (such as a q-drop, pass/fail, or withdrawal), appealing a policy, or experiencing an emergency. Student Division advisors serve students exclusively on a drop-in basis and can be connected with virtually via the chat link above or in GEB 2.200.


Departmental Advisors 

For assistance with items not mentioned above, students who have chosen their Liberal Arts major should reach out to their own major/departmental advisor. Additionally, students who have questions about courses, majors, minors, or programs offered by a Liberal Arts department should inquire with advisors who work closely with those units. Departmental advisor contacts, including links to appointment scheduling information, can be found on the Find My Advisor page.